From the Carolina Coastal Plains


Many folks whose families settled in the coastal plains of Carolina believe their families have to track back toward Jamestown! This may or may not be the case.  Since beginning this family history project the LOST COLONY RESEARCH CONSORTIUM has determined a group of the original colonists most likely moved to BERTIE COUNTY along the CHOWAN RIVER.  This would move the timeline for when folks originally arrived back 20 years before Jamestown. The University of North Carolina’s Stephen Fletcher created a wonderful blog post titled 22 YEARS BEFORE JAMESTOWN …33 YEARS BEFORE PLYMOUTH ROCK  many may find interesting.

Also there is speculation some French planted settlers arrived along the Cape Fear as early as the late 1560s.  This would push the timeline for North Carolina settlers back forty years BEFORE JAMESTOWN.

The nc1700sJordans DNA Project will provide valuable information to help delineate which JORDAN FAMILY TREEs do track back to JAMESTOWN and which may actually predate Jamestown.

The earliest chapters of American History rests in the DNA of the earliest settlers to arrive.  The question remains open as to whom these settlers were and where, why, and exactly when they left Europe for land that would ultimately become the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.