The first question any family historian should be able to answer is  “WHAT CLAN?” Each person in a pedigree is the child of two people.  Those parents create a generation node in a pedigree chart. And each parent carries a particular surname.  Family historians and genealogists have concentrated on surnames.  Now we have scientific tools to identify more accurate information about the paternal and maternal surname at each generation node.   In the early days of genetic genealogy surname projects sprouted.  These projects helped to isolate specific people who are genetically from the same tree.  Some may be familiar with the term subclad.  A subclad is an unique family tree or more accurately a clan.   Whether you are a boy or girl you carry your paternal clan via your surname (a girl may surrender her clan identification when she marries and adopts her husband’s clan identification.  Any adopted surnames will not hide actual clan identification genetically.  So family historians and genealogists today must include steps to identify and verify the CLAN assignment for each parent at each generation node.  Folks who carry the JORDAN surname the question is “WHAT JG FAMILY TREE ARE YOU?”  Each JG (an acronym for Jordan Group) is a specific clan.  To properly do genealogy work today one needs to include DNA testing to isolate and identify which CLAN a person belonged!

If you don’t know the answer to that question, chances are your branch has not been established in the database. was the first genealogical DNA lab, it is the largest, and it is the most used by professional genealogists.  Applying science to one’s family history work began in 2000.  The JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT at FTDNA began in 2004.  See my separate page for how my NC1700sJORDANS PROJECT differs from FTDNA’s JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT.  When the projects were just getting off the ground many of the terms used were in sync with classic genealogy terms; Hence, many surname projects sprouted.  What we now understand is each subclad is actually a CLAN TREE.  Some subclads (clans) can be found under a different surname than one is carrying or expecting.

As more folks establish their lines we all learn more about clan relationships.

If you take a few minutes and look at the results page for The JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT you will see many kits with kit numbers under 10,000.  This means there were many progressive JORDAN researchers who were stymied and immediately submitted DNA to try and help them break through their brick wall.  DNA is a comparative tool.  When you submit a kit it is compared to others who have done the same.

It is possible to submit a kit and have no matches returned but that is rare at this time for JORDANS.  There are 27 unique JORDAN Family Trees at this time in the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT.  (Last year my work helped to locate a missing Chatham Branch of Jordans and this branch by submitting their kit matched a  JORDAN who had lingered in the UNGROUPED SECTION for years only because no other JORDAN in his tree had participated.  I believe this is what has happened where our MATTHEW JORDAN branch goes.  In the end there were kits submitted who all matched and the JG25 tree was established!).   You don’t have to participate in any project and you can join as many projects as you like.  The advantage to joining the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT is to be able to purchase your kit for a discounted price!  Ordinarily a Y37 kit costs $169 but as a participant of THE JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT you can order your kit for $149.

For those reading this today keep in mind GENEALOGICAL DNA TESTS didn’t start out at the same caliber of tests we have now. These pioneers who swabbed the inside of their cheeks and sent off their kit  before 2008 paid over $500 for the ability to identify only 12 markers. has learned to be more efficient and cost effective.  Scientific strides have been made too.  So we now can order kits for $149 (if you order through the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT which I recommend) and that kit will return 37 markers!  Scientists have discovered with 37 markers one can identify their unique family tree.  With 67 or 111 you can know better which branch and how your kit related to others on the same branch.  I recommend the Y37 if you are starting out unless there is a collection of cousins who all are interested in family history and you can pool your resources and order the Y67 kit.   You see, if you order the Y37 and you find a ZERO to ONE STEP match and you don’t know which generation you share a JORDAN ancestor you will EACH need to pull your kits out to 67 markers.  You can also alternatively or additionally each upgrade your kits to include the Family Finder test.

** OF NOTE:  If you submitted a kit a long time ago and only received 12 to 25 markers, you need to sign into your kit and upgrade it to 37 markers at the very least.  Any kit with less than 37 markers will not communicate properly with those whose kits are at least 37 markers.   Think of it as two different puzzles being worked at the same time.  In order for you to know where your branch goes on your unique family tree your kit needs to be compared to the others using 37 markers!



STEP 1 – find your eldest living male JORDAN. Remember the best candidate may be your dad, grandpa, great uncle, or son of a great uncle.

Order the Y37 marker kit from and have the eldest Jordan swab his cheeks.

The best technique I have found for doing the test is to set the kit on a bedside table. Before the tester gets out of bed swab the inside of the cheek which corresponds to the hand  he writes with. In other words if he writes with his right hand, swab the right cheek that first morning.  As he swabs count to 30 to 40.  Put the swab in the tiny vial.  The next morning do the OTHER cheek.  This way there is not problem with eating or drinking something that could interfere with the test.

THIS KIT WILL BE YOUR JORDAN SURNAME ANCHOR KIT.  When the results populate, you will learn what JG TREE you belong.  The only exception is if your DNA doesn’t match others who have submitted their DNA. In that case, you will know what JG TREES you DO NOT belong!

I hope you will realize the urgency for establishing your JORDANS!  Time is not on our side.  Every day I hear of another extinct JORDAN branch!

Please don’ t let that happen to you!