Most Jordans whose families have resided in the Mountain region of North Carolina look toward the Coastal Plains region or Western or Central Virginia  and a few look to Georgia as they search for their earliest Jordan ancestor.  Did you know the NEW RIVER was a tributary of the OHIO RIVER and the OHIO RIVER was proclaimed in the early 1700s by the British Parliment to be the natural Southern border of Canada?  The region north of the OHIO RIVER was governed by the Province of Quebec and during this time the actual governmental seat was in New Orleans!   Can you see the difficulty in records being accurate or easy to track?


As I have read histories of North Carolina, Virginia and Ohio I discovered two repeated stories which could actually be opposite sides of the same coin.  For the folks in the Coastal Plains near the Cape Fear there were stories from England where the landowners and the Crown were concerned about the large growing population of French Settlers in the region!  It was not clear if these settlers were actually French or arrived via efforts of the French.  Some historians speculate the effort to plant the Scots in the early 17oos and Governor Johnston’s decision to move his English Colonial Government seat from Edenton to Fayetteville and his efforts to encourage English and Scots to move to the southern portion of the Carolina coastal plains and possibly the western portion of North Carolina may have been in response to these French settlers.  Governor Dobbs by some accounts was very interested in Canadian exploration.  WHY?  Could he have wanted to set in motion a means to be free of some Frenchmen?  Or maybe he was working in concert with some North Carolina French settlers who wanted the Hudson Valley monopoly broken to allow for their own exploits?

In the Ohio/Western Virginia region there was another definite French connection.  Canadian authorities and the wealthy men residing in France and the French Crown who paid to bring Frenchmen to the North American Continent were grumbling because the men made the voyage only to disappear!  Some historians claim these men were largely trappers who were unhappy with the costs of pelt permits so they simply traveled south, crossed the Ohio traveled along the New River and lived in the wilderness on their own terms!  Surely it is possible some of these men made their way to the Western portion of North Carolina. The New River actually extends into our western region.


Maps show the colonial highways of the 1700s but the reality was the coastal plains region especially close to the waterways were well populated by the early 1700s.  Quebec was settled in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. By the 1700s there were JORDANS in every colony with high concentration of JORDANS in and around the Carolinas.  As one works their family history it is important to understand the various roads and the waterways even in the western region.  These transportation systems made it possible for folks to travel more readily than some researchers today consider.

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