OK – it has been eight l-o-n-g years. Time to get down to the specifics.  Each kit submitted is a puzzle piece.

I submitted a kit last year for a Sampson County family of Jordans.  There was high hope the kit might just help me with my MATTHEW JORDAN quest. NO SUCH LUCK!  Turned out to be JG1 JORDAN TREE.


About three years ago I received a message per this site from a Jordan man whose line came through Elisha Jordan, son of Stephen Jordan (1781-1790 somewhere in VA- post1850 somewhere in NC, most likely Wayne County).  The man said his son had done a DNA kit “a long time ago” via National Geographic and the test proved they were part of the JG1 Jordan Tree. I asked him to do a kit because he was the patriarch and his kit would be better.  It would allow an additional one generation reach back where the Family Finder test goes and it would provide more concentration of autosomal DNA where his mom’s lines went than his son whose kit – if it was even ever anchored- had roughly half of his autosomal information from HIS mom’s side.  Since the interest was with Stephen Jordan,  I offered the best advice I could and I hoped to see a kit populate.  I never could find any kit for his son!  This man couldn’t provide any kit number or particular Ymarker information. Considering he said his son did the test ‘a long time ago’ I worried the kit was deficient – in other words, not out to at least 37 markers.

Well fast forward a year and I found (via help from a fellow Sampson County Historical Society member) a different JORDAN to establish the second family of STEPHEN JORDAN who was born according to the paper trail somewhere in VA and moved to DOBBS/WAYNE county after the Rev War.  Stephen had two families.  His first wife was supposed to be a Nancy Parker.  There were three sons!  Hurray!  The first was William Nicholas, the middle son was Elisha B, and the youngest was Joel.  Joel died during the Civil War.  Not sure if he married or if he had any children.  The middle son Elisha B  married Nancy Ezzell. (the Ezzells and the Jordans had several close relationships during my research window).  Elisha had four sons. HURRAY!  However, to date not a single line from Julius Martin Jordan (who wed Mary Anne Elizabeth Rhodes), Dr David Bryant Jordan (who wed Hettie James Black), Joseph Lewis (possibly Lucifer) Jordan (who wed Daisie Dell Bell), or Thomas Ruffin Jordan (who wed Effie Lenora Reeves) has established Stephen Jordan first family.  The eldest son William Nicholas married Hepsie Williams and they had four sons.  HURRAY! Sons George and Adam Nicholas never married so their lines went extinct. However,  there were two sons who have active lines.  No one from William Claudius Jordan (who wed Addie Vester Parrish) or John Robert Jordan (who married Louisa Warren),

Stephen Jordan’s second family was with Dicey Capps.  This family had four sons.  HURRAY.  They were Thomas Jordan(who wed Sarah Sallie Tadlock), James (possibly Henry) Jordan who may have wed a Grady, David Jordan (who married Phoebe Ann Thompson), and Perry Jordan SR (who wed Nancy Mariah Thornton).

One of Perry Jordan Sr’s descendants graciously agreed to do a DNA kit for me.  HURRAY! I fully expected the kit to return as a JG1 Jordan (though I secretly hoped it would return as JG3!).  Well it didn’t. It didn’t return as a JORDAN at all.  It returned as a PERRY!  Interesting but of no help for my effort to track back to STEPHEN JORDAN and learn what JG tree his branch was!

I need one of the other sons’ line of Stephen’s second family to do a DNA kit so we can determine if the PERRY surname is going to carry back to STEPHEN (Sons Thomas, James, or David) .  Also need someone from Stephen’s first family to do a kit to see if they match as JORDAN or also are matching as PERRY!  It may explain why Stephen left VA!  The window to properly work from Stephen to his parents is closing. solve this is closing.

Perry Jordan Sr’s family lived in Sampson County and intermarried with a different family of Jordans of Sampson County.  This other family was Haywood Best Jordan.  Last year I was able (with the help of a different fellow Sampson County Historical Society member)  to get someone from Haywood Best’s branch to do a DNA kit.  The Ymarker kit just completed.

And it returned as JG1!!!

So I finally actually have a JG1 kit and can see the matches for that tree.  It was the first JORDAN TREE established by Larry Jordan who originally started FTDNA’s JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT.  So there clearly was early progressive researchers who wanted to solve some mysteries and broken branches and learn all they could about the JG1 JORDAN TREE!

I first looked at my matches.  And I also looked at the published JG1 Surname Project public results.  I was trying to find folks to help me build out Haywood Best Jordan’s father.  And even though I still have no confirmation Stephen is a JG1 I wanted to see if anything bubbled as I worked.

Here is a snapshot of our match match. There are very, very few JG1 established branches.  Disappointing. And as I look at the earliest ancestor information there is nothing that is a AH HA match. It is clear there are missing branches in VA and NC for this tree.    Even more disappointing is the way this tree’s cousins are doing their genetic genealogy!

MY MATCH REPORT ANALYSIS  for Haywood Best JORDAN (b. 1828- d. Nov 14, 1908 Sampson County) kit

There are only 14 kits.  Of those six kits are closely related – How do I know this?  Look at the first column now labeled “GENETIC DISTANCE”.  (used to be called STEP DISTANCE).  It shows how many markers DIFFER between our kit and each match kit.  IF there is only 1 or no marker different AT 37 markers it means the two families track along the exact same branch of the same JG Jordan Tree!   I put a big red dot to denote a close family connection.  So, 43 percent, just about half of those who submitted a kit and ordered the Ymarker test share the same paternal tree and branch as our Haywood Best Jordan of Sampson County’s family.  One is not a JORDAN but a man who carries the COKER Surname.  Since my work is about the JORDAN SURNAME and I submitted a JORDAN kit I need to filter and work JORDAN matches the actual value drops to 35 percent or a little more than a third of the matching kits belong to the same branch!

However, while I anchored our kit (meaning I included the Ymarker 37 or greater test and the Family Finder test) there are only two other kits who have anchored their branch! How do I know this?  If you look at the diagram above under the name of the tester are a series of icons.  And at the end the kit says how many markers were ordered.  (You have to start at 37 markers because it takes 37 at the very least to find one’s tree and branch and have one’s kit communicate properly with others who belong to same Jordan family tree.  You can read YDNA37 or YDNA67.  After that there is possibly a “FF”.  This means the kit owner ANCHORED their kit!

This is critically important because while the Ymarker test shows we share the same paternal tree and branch the Ymarker test has a reach of 26 generations.  We need to each include the Family Finder test to investigate if our connection is within the first 5-7 generations of each person whose supplied the dna. The pedigree for each kit should start with that person (it is not necessarily the person who is working the kit or who paid for the kit.  It is the person whose DNA is being compared to all others in the FTDNA database.  And in order for proper comparisons to be done BOTH tests are essential!   The Family Finder test’s reach is 5-7 generations from the tester.  So if we want our best results we need to submit our eldest living boy Jordan for our family!  And his kit should have

1 – the Ymarker 37 or greater test and 2 – the Family finder test.

The Ychromosome information is inherited by boys only!  Girls get two XX chromosomes.  That Y information travels from father to son, father to son, father to son.  The Family Finder test is AUTOSOMAL information.  That information is a net of information passed from each parent to child – each child gets an unique cocktail or catch from each parent – and with each generation the information from the prior is diluted/smaller.  This is why you want the eldest living to do the DNA kits.  And precisely why I am DNA mapping men who have stayed in NC and whose lines are deep rooted to this region.  It is both a blessing and a challenge.  And a reason to stay clear of Ancestry’s autosomal test.  You are going to need to connect to cousins HERE in Carolina who not only are Jordans but in this case – the surnames EZZELL, THORNTON, PARKER,  CAPPS, HAYWOOD and BEST (and PERRY) are in play. I need to be able to see how our kit communicates with others who share the same surnames AND who also resided in the same geographic location at the precise time our match occurs.  It takes working with a collection of 3rd, 4th, 5th, … cousins who can establish the earliest branch for those complimentary/associated families.  By each of us getting our branch properly established we can build the puzzle and find the right pieces for each generation node and for each parent in each of those nodes.  But when it comes to the JG1 tree, it is a mess!

Remember I also have a JORDAN kit submitted which turned out to be a PERRY.  And that kit will and did communicate at the cousin connection where there are JORDANS but the autosomal DNA match begins with a  THORNTON not a JORDAN.  I can use the chromosome slide (and the information I have from the Ymarker tests  which clearly shows that kit is PERRY not JORDAN) and there are specific THORNTONS who have also been established and anchored via FTDNA.  There is enough information for many of the Sampson/Wayne/Johnston/Wake etc families because if they have done kits through FTDNA and anchored them. And there is zero need to go to a third party like GEDMATCH.  It is just a question of kits being submitted to establish the missing segments of our branch and kits which were submitted being completed and anchored so the kits communicate properly with one another.

If you use only Ancestry for your work you will go off on a primrose path because you can’t isolate the centimorgan segment addresses for each chromosome. You also don’t have the X chromosome filter.  You only have what the total shared centimorgans are.  If you are working early NC families these families have lived here a long time.  It is going to be necessary to at the very least establish your mom’s and dad’s side and anchor both so you know what surnames are part of your paternal trees for each side and you have the best autosomal information to use to work matches!

For me and our JG1 kit, I have one problem after another to hurdle –

The matches page also shows where two kits did not join the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT.  I have no problem with that choice.  No one has to join any Surname Project.  What is more important is to complete one’s kit. INCLUDE a GED.COM (digital pedigree).  If there is anyone working Jordans of NC and they  don’t know how to create a ged.com email me!  Message me on Ancestry. I will make and send you one.  If you need, I will upload it to your kit! I will do whatever I can to get this work moving in the right direction!  I continue to be shocked at the state of each of the JG Trees. I spent nine months seven years ago cleaning up the JG3 tree. And the only way it happened was for us to work together!  Considering Janet Burke’s lone JG3 kit is incomplete fully understood why some in that tree were confused or didn’t see the necessity to include a ged.com.  I hope they all do now!

When it comes to the JG1 tree, I just got here!  It took me eight long years. And there is work to do.  A part of me wants to just leave the JG1 folks to fend for themselves and I will continue to hunt down missing branches which may help the JG3 Tree and my quest to solve Matthew’s parents.  But a Jordan man was kind enough to do a kit for me and I don’t feel right leaving the work in such disarray.  But I need help!

1 – the families who may or may not be related from the very region of NC are missing entirely from the database and who knows how many others from VA or elsewhere, if any of the published genealogy work has any merit at all.

2 – the men who have submitted did not order the two tests to make sure matches can be worked properly and family and geographic connections can be discovered.

3- of the five kits  two don’t have ged.coms uploaded to their kits!  This needs to be corrected so FTDNA’s onsite tools can work.


How do I know two don’t have ged.coms? Look again at the match page screenshot. The icons below the name of the tester include




an envelop – this is the contact information so we can email each other.  Please make sure this is up-to-date!

a tiny orange box reading TIP – this is the lab’s tip for where our shared ancestor might be found.









a notepad – to make notes. I always record when I ask for pedigree chart.

a pedigree/ged.com – this is the biggie! Every kit submitted to FTDNA should have a pedigree chart attached. FTDNA not that long again added a pedigree builder feature and they changed the way to add a ged.com.   Now you go directly to the FAMILY TREE on the menu (it is the first button on your dashboard/homepage of your kit).  You click on the Family Tree button or system on the side menu and you will see the below ribbons at the top of the page which opens.  See the UPLOAD GEDCOM almost at the far right?  Click on it and upload your file!  HINT:  When you create your ged.com do an expanded pedigree so it includes the children at each generation.  That will make life easier for you as you work matches and it will make it easier for folks like me to see the match.










There are seven JG1 Jordans.  However the first striking and extremely disappointing flaw is the number of deficient kits!  Deficient kits are ones which were ordered a long time ago.  They belong to progressive researchers who wanted to harness the power of the DNA as soon as it was available.  They did their kits during what I call the BETA years.  The years while the scientists used the participation to tweak the test so we now have 37, 67, and 111 markers test to choose from.  In the beginning there were only 12 markers possible.  Next there were 25/27.  What truly  is sad for some odd reason these progressive pioneering researchers dropped the ball and left their kits in limboland. As the science improved, their kits stagnated.  A kit requires 37 markers in order for the tree and possible branch to be learned.  67 and 111 markers will refine your view (and placement/location on your branch).  If you look at the public report above there are 3 kits which do not have at least 37 markers.  All three kits were done early. The kit numbers were 4274, 4768, and 4358.

All three of these kits need to be upgraded to pull their markers out to at the very least 37!  None of these kits appeared on my FTDNA match page.  WHY? Because the results will default on the most markers you buy AND they don’t even sell only 12 or 25/7 markers anymore so those kits are being left in limbo and not communicating with others as they populate and when they try to work their matches they are stuck in a mire where more geographic (community) information is being developed than unique specific family clan and tree information.   So if you are the owner of any of those deficient kits please upgrade the Ymarkers so you are not left behind.

There is something else that is blatant when one looks at that report after researching each of the earliest known ancestors.  The masthead is “JG1 Virginia in the 1600s”  yet there are zero kits for any JORDAN in the 1600s in VA at all. And if you do the work for each of these lines/branches the oldest is a Jonas born in 1725 and who died in 1785 and his estate included a court case where one of the heirs claimed he wasn’t paid and an in-law name FLOWERS, a cart and horse, disappeared somewhere in NC.

I have to wonder if this tree, like the JG3 tree has more to do with early NC (which means North and South Carolina) than it does early VA!  At the very least there is zero data to make this masthead true.  This is what is commonly viewed as a violation of basic research protocols.

I would challenge all early VA lines of Jordans from the coastal plain counties up the James or Potomac Rivers, and the counties which adjoin NC, KY, OH to get their branches established.  Let’s see how the JG1  Tree’s established branches which Janet Burke says is an unique JORDAN TREE  tracking back to “Virginia in the 1600s” communicate with families who have long deep VA roots that definitely include calling VA home during the 1600s!  The reach of the Ymarker test is 26 generations.  A generation is normally considered to represent 30 years.  That is 780 years .  Our country is only 242 years old or  approximately 8 generations!  The window of the Ymarker test takes us back in time to 1208.  The first explorers per the history books arrived only 18 generations ago in the early 1500s.   So there is ample reason for folks on either side of the Atlantic who have the Jordan surname or any other for that matter to get their branches established now so we can actually connect via migration ribbons across the Atlantic Ocean and identify accurately the branches of the many JG Jordans.

The good news is Haywood Best Jordan’s branch is established. The bad news is apparently his dad’s branch isn’t.  There is a branch of NC or VA or SC Jordans who have not established their Jordan branch.   This could explain why the relationship between Haywood Best Jordan’s branch and Stephen Jordan remains unclear.  Until a boy who comes through Stephen’s line does a kit so we can learn what JG tree STEPHEN JORDAN when he arrived in NC the work is stymied!

As far as the folks who show a Raeford Jordan as the father of Haywood Best Jordan. Maybe there is someone who comes through a line of Jordans who has carried the name Raiford/Rayford/Raeford forward will do a kit. So far, the only early Raeford Jordan belong to a different JG tree entirely.  There are so many early Jordan men who had the same name!  Many only used initials too.  It would be extremely helpful for the BEST families of Sampson/Wayne/Duplin to establish their branches.  Haywood Best clearly carried the Best name forward. WHY?  Let’s get the DNA in and let it talk to us!

IF you have any questions or can offer any help with the JG1 work, please contact me.