Needham Jordan’s descendants for quite some time believed they descended from FREDERICK JOURDAN who moved from Northampton to Wayne Co in the late 1700s.  Both of the boys were born after 1800.  Richard the elder brother was born in cc1805.  Needham was born cc1811.  Richard married a gal named Mary Ann and never left Sampson Co. Very little is known of him.  Richard’s farm was close to Needham’s in-laws, the Suttons and the 1850 census shows the location to be near Bennets Crossroads (think FAISON, NC). When Richard died he had no living children, Needham was not mentioned which makes it most likely Needham had died before his brother Richard. Needham’s children and a niece named Harriett Williams who had lived with Richard and his wife Mary Ann for a considerable time were Richard’s heirs. Richard’s line became extinct when he passed away in 1865.

Needham married Mary Jane Sutton, daughter of Luke Whitfield Sutton and Sylvia Crow. They had six children: Caroline Sutton,  Ann Jane, Richard B or R, Betsie, Mary Susan, and Rose Virginia.  Needham disappeared before the 1850 census and no grave for either Richard or Needham has been located.   The family has pondered what happened to Needham for decades?  Much was a mystery.  Some on had Needham as the son of Richard.  This is not accurate.  A simple look at Richard’s will clarifies the two men’s relationship and there was only a few years which separated them.

Richard owned land in Sampson county.  No marriage bond has been found for his marriage to Mary Ann.  Maybe someone out there has a BIBLE or family records to help solve this mystery?   There are no descendants to test!  If more can be learned of Harriet Williams there may be a way to use DNA to help with the mysteries.  The Williams clan is vast in the Sampson/Wayne/Duplin/Cumberland region.  Maybe someone reading this will be able to help me understand Harriet Williams.

Needham’s family produced a son, Richard B or R Jordan.  And this line continues to this day in the same general area of North Carolina as their earliest known ancestors.  When speaking with the family, they had the notion they tracked back to Frederick Jourdan who moved down from Northampton to Wayne in the 1790s.  Two male descendants have done DNA tests for my work.  All of my work includes BOTH Y marker and Family Finder tests.

Frederick Jordan of Wayne had an established subgroup in the Jordan Surname Project, JG10.  It is a curious subgroup imo.  ONLY three kits exist! To establish the subgroup the testers include one man (9782) who claims Fred b.1733 in Northampton as his earliest ancestor. The other two claim Samuel Bass b. 1710 in Isle of Wight (18328), and a John Jordan b. 1780 d. 1867 (4602).  No locations for either birth or death are provided for this John.  These testers relationship with North Carolina is unclear.  Another flaw in my opinion of the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT is the inability for folks who belong to different trees to understand the pedigrees for the other subgroups.  I believe this may be a critical flaw and I hope my project will fill in the gaps .  Time will tell.

The DNA work submitted by Needham’s descendants established RICHARD and NEEDHAM JORDAN as JG3 branches. Richard, Needham, Gray, and Matthew were all related!  Makes all KIN to our MATTHEW’s branch!  A wonderful result surprise was Needham’s kit matched VERY CLOSELY to a WILLIAM of CHATHAM COUNTY kit submitted several years before.

As I stated before the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT is passive by design. There is no active strategy to seek out missing branches and help folks break through brick wall and advance their family history work.  My work differs.  I am actively seeking North Carolina JORDANS to establish their branches.

The person who established William of Chatham’s branch belonged to a son’s line who had moved out of Carolina a very long time ago.  This family had been waiting for someone in NORTH CAROLINA to do a kit to help them!  All of William of Chatham descendants in and out of NC had reached the same place I had with Matthew.  One of William’s descendants, a lovely lady, was a past president of the Jamestown Society.  She was thrilled when I reached her to tell her of the results.  She was “thrilled to FINALLY have something that could get my WILLIAM out of CHATHAM COUNTY”! Like my MATTHEW, there were so many WILLIAM JORDANS of early North Carolina, this expert researcher learned first hand the value of DNA testing!

The NEEDHAM/RICHARD JORDAN kit was three steps (three different markers) from our MATTHEW BRANCH and only 1 marker different from GRAY’s BRANCH!  This was very interesting because Gray Sr’s family had been tracking back looking for a connection closer to the CHOWAN RIVER WATERSHED.  Gray’s grandson Cornelius Haywood Jordan married in Edgecombe AND lived near his mother-in-law for awhile but he moved to CUMBERLAND COUNTY ,the STEDMAN area, just after 1880.  And it was here he would be laid to rest.  STEDMAN, known as BLOCKERSVILLE first, is not that far from where RICHARD and NEEDHAM called home.

Even though I have questions about Frederick Jourdan’s lone kit, at least three separate branches of the JG3 tree could now be plotted in NORTH CAROLINA during the 1700s.

NEXT STEP for NEEDHAM’s branch.  A kit has been promised to be submitted by a descendant of Stephen Jordan who resided in the Wayne Sampson (OLD DOBBS/CUMBERLAND) region. Census reports note he claimed he was born in VA**.

NEEDED – and posted in the SOS section- WILLIAM BEST and HAYWOOD BEST JORDAN’s  branches are needed.  MEAD, ELIAS, and THOMAS JORDAN of CUMBERLAND are needed.

** of note, as I collected records for some Northampton families I found it curious  some claim VA birth even though they lived their entire lives near the town of Jackson, NC!

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