OK,  need to clarify.  I developed a GOOGLE map that toogled with a spreadsheet and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago I learned GOOGLE has dismantled their CLASSIC MAP features I used.  So I am in the process of recreating AND actually hope to make my map(s) work much like transparencies when I was in school. (Not sure if young folks even know what a transparency is!) They allow layers of information to either be peeled away or added to develop unique data sets of information.  Time will tell if I am successful.

In the meantime, I want to TRY and link my work-in-progress to a new Google Map.

What you see is the plotting of JORDANS who have established their branch.








(please understand I am new to web design. If there is an experienced web graphics person reading this I apologize for how novice it looks. I am always ready to learn!  If you tell me how to improve it I would be most grateful.  In the meantime, I am doing my best to figure this out.  I know how important the mapping feature is. Please be patient.)

** NOTE: I can only include kits which are either matches to my kits or ones I am made aware. There is a JG10 JORDAN TREE which claims a NC WAYNE COUNTY/NORTHAMPTON connection. So far,  I have not submitted or am working any kit that matches that TREE.  I hope as more JORDANS from what I like to call the CHOWAN to CURRITUCK CORNER test SOMEONE WILL MATCH that out of state kit that claims a very specific pedigree which includes a Matthew Jordan I need established.  With so much wrong genealogy information out there.  Could be that JG10 tree holds the answers I need.  I was unable to get any help from the JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT to be able to contact anyone in that JG10 tree.  Remember it is supposed to take three unique kits to actually confirm a pedigree using DNA and it is also supposed to take three matching kits to create an unique JG tree in the Jordan Surname Project. When it comes to the JG10 tree, there are not three Jordan matching kits. That tree has no NC connection other than a claim by folks who lived in GA.  Hope all will understand I mean no disrespect to any researcher.  I know how hard the classic genealogy road has been for JORDANS.  DNA is our friend.  And if you have your paper trail, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ORDER A KIT AND ANCHOR THAT BRANCH! It will confirm your work AND it will aid those of us who are trying to hurdle burned counties and confused pedigree work!

It is one of the drawbacks for the FTDNA JORDAN SURNAME PROJECT and the LAB – unless a kit matches in a particular way, folks can’t communicate with any of the NON-MATCHING kits.  And this map includes various JORDANS so folks working NC Jordans don’t have to speculate whether their branch  is established or if they relate to a neighbor JORDAN.  This map will hopefully one day include all of the JORDANS who called NC home during or before the 1700s.

SO IF YOU ARE A JORDAN and you don’t see your branch identified on this map, use the CONTACT ME FORM and let’s talk!  Or go to FTDNA.com and order a kit for your eldest male Jordan and get your branch established!  We have a finite window of opportunity to reach back to the LORDS PROPRIETORS ERA. IF we work now to get kits done by 70+ year olds, we will have access to the best information with the longest reach.  Remember the Ymarker test is what is represented in this map BUT it is the corresponding Family Finder test which holds valuable information to help JORDANS track and confirm their migration ribbon in and out of North Carolina!


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